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Traditional Student Scholarships are provided for either students enrolled in, or high school seniors intending to pursue, a full-time accredited baccalaureate program.

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Applicant Information:

This scholarship application is for the traditional high school student who will enter college in the next possible semester after graduation. It is also intended for the college student who has matriculated without any broken time as a full time undergraduate student.


Parent/Guardian Information:

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SAME and Military Information:

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Is your parent or guardian currently or have they been a military member or Department of Defense civilian employee working in the fields of engineering or science? If so, please describe your/their military or civilian service.*


I understand that this award will be based primarily on demonstrated academic performance and leadership as determined by the information I have provided in this application and the letter(s) of recommendation included. Other factors may be considered. I understand and accept that the decisions of the Award Committee and Executive Committee are final.

I attest that to the best of my ability, I have provided the most accurate and up to date information possible.