It is the intent of the Kittyhawk Post to grant scholarships annually to encourage students in the Post’s region (Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky) to pursue careers in fields related to the Society’s mission (engineering, architecture, construction, facilities management and environmental management/science).  The program is designed to cover all levels of post-high-school education to include associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees. The number and value of scholarships awarded may vary from year to year, but the goal is to award at least one scholarship in each of the categories outlined below.

Two types of scholarships are awarded each year.  The outlines below provides links to detailed descriptions and application methods.

Traditional Student Scholarships are provided for either students enrolled in, or high school seniors intending to pursue, a full-time accredited baccalaureate program.

Traditional Student Scholarship Description

CLICK HERE TO APPLY (NOTE: this application is accessible using only Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11 web browsers. This form will not work properly with any other web browser.)
Traditional Student Scholarship Application (to be used only if online form cannot be accessed) Deadline to Receive Applications is April 12, 2017

Non-traditional Student Scholarships are intended to aid students with at least one year full-time work experience who are returning to school to pursue an advanced degree or to make a career change.

Non-Traditional Student Scholarship Description
Non-TraditionalStudent Scholarship Paper Application Form

*There is no online scholarship application form for the Non-Traditional Student Scholarship at this time.

**The web application currently has no “save progress” service.  Please be mindful that once you start the application, you will need to finish it in one sitting (navigating to another page and then returning will clear your inputted data).

Questions or issues?  Please contact Mr. Tom Kolber:

Thanks and good luck!


2016 Scholarship Winners:

Congratulations to last year’s students, who were selected to receive scholarships supported by the Post and Post sustaining member firms. These merit-based scholarships were designed to aid students in our region studying fields related to SAME’s mission, or in the case of the Curtis Scholarships, designed to help non-traditional students who were returning to school to pursue an advanced degree or make a career change.

Last year’s winners:
Name                         Awarded    School
Brett Wedding           $1500      Oakwood High School
Jason Demeter          $1500    University of Dayton
Rachel Zavakos         $1500    Notre Dame
Christine Zavakos      $1500    Notre Dame
Ronald Knapp #         $1500     University of Dayton
Alexander Trimbach   $1000   University of Dayton
Sarah Finke                $1000    Notre Dame
Hanna Ritter               $1000    Carroll High School
Brian Corbett             $1000     Miamisburg High School
Catherine Bennett     $1000     Bellbrook High School
Captain Troy Hinson $1000    University of Dayton

Here are some photos of the previous winners:


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