Science Fair

Science Fair season is coming! SAVE THE DATE on your calendar to help out at one of the following events to grow the next generation of STEM professionals! Judging is a fun, rewarding experience and requires no prior experience. Judges typically get free breakfast and/or lunch, and work from approximately 8:30am-lunch (check each event’s details). Some fairs are already registering judges, while other will in the near future.

Each year the Kittyhawk Post presents two awards at the Ohio West District Science Day (District 10) and we will need judges to help select award winners. This year, the Science Day will be held the morning of Saturday, March 23rd at Central State University – judging registration will open soon.

For our members outside Dayton in the:

Winners at the District Science Fairs progress on to the State Science Day on May 11th at Ohio State University – they also need judges.

Judging is a meaningful way to make a direct impact on future engineers/scientists. Thanks for your support of these events!