Seeking Mentors for Students Solving Veterans’ Challenges with QL+

SAME is partnering with the Quality of Life Plus Program (QL+) to help solve challenges for veterans who face lifestyle limitations as a result of injuries. QL+ recruits veterans with life-altering injuries, and asks them to present a “challenge” to teams of student engineers to solve. The students take on a project to address the challenge, creating custom assistive devices or tools for the vet. The QL+ teams at the University of Dayton are seeking engineers to act as mentors to the student groups that will be working on two vet’s challenges this coming school year:

  • Stable Walker Chair: A Dayton Veteran who would benefit from a mobility device that is similar to, but more stable than, the Merry Walker. The Veteran has dementia and will stand up and sit back down about 100 times every hour requiring a constant sitter.  The Merry Walker is meeting his needs partially, but he can’t be left alone because the walker is too light/flimsy/unstable and the Vet has managed to tip it over at least once. Students will invent a “stable walker chair” to meet this challenge
  • Voice-Activated Shifting: A Marine Veteran who is missing his right arm, part of his left hand, and both of his legs currently uses an adapted bike and currently he shifts his handcycle with his left elbow.  He can only shift when his left elbow is the back of the cycle stroke. The students’ challenge is create a voice activated shifting system for this vet.  The shifting system/gears is electronic (Shimano Di2).

If you are interested in learning more about being a mentor for either team, please contact QL+ regional manager Amber Humphrey at and please courtesy copy Nadja Turek ( with our Post so we know if matches have been made. Please feel free to spread the word and network to find mentors for this worthy program!!

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