President’s Message

President’s Message 12 February 2018

Well . . . Since the groundhog saw his shadow, a couple of weeks ago, I guess we are in for another 4 weeks of winter. As a kid I asked the question, “What if he doesn’t see his shadow?” No one ever says how much more winter do we have then.   I was told, “Oh, only a month and a half.”

Actually Groundhog’s Day was celebrated as Candlmas in Europe and a hedgehog was used to determine the weather. When Germans settled in Pennsylvania, they used a groundhog, since the hedgehog is not native to North America.

So what is the point of this rambling esoteric monolog, The groundhog stepped up and volunteered to keep the traditions going when Dutch PCS’d to Pennsylvania.   Well, maybe he didn’t volunteer as much as volun-told.

Anyhow, Here is your opportunity to volunteer with a great group of professionals in the best professional society around. SAME Kittyhawk Post is looking for volunteers to help support the Education/scholarship/Science Fair committee. We could some folks on the Infrastructure Resilience. We are also looking at some possible reorganization of our standing committees to better align with 2020 SAME National Strategic Plan.

We can always use fresh ideas for our STEM outreach, for new social events. Credentialing is a new big push by SAME to help our young members, in and out of uniform, become registered professionals. Everyone on all the Standing Committees are considered part of the Board. Come to one of our board meetings, and meet the folks, hear what is going on, and bring your ideas. Maybe you want to assist with study for the PE exam, or put on a sustainability seminar. Or maybe your expertise is in Joint Engineer Contingency Operations. Or maybe you just like to play golf.

Give me a call and we can chat about the Kittyhawk Post. My number is (937) 255-0343.


Jeff Leonard

President, Kittyhawk Post


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