President’s Message 171128

Dear Fellow Kittyhawk Post Members:
I wish for each and every one of you to have a happy and safe holiday season, and good wishes for a prosperous new year. As we enter the holiday season, we are also entering winter months with potential hazardous weather. As many of us may be traveling for the holidays, I will put on my Safety Engineer/Risk Management Advisor Hat (it looks a lot like a hardhat) and say, “Be mindful of the weather. Plan your outings. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order, including the tire tread. Be prepared to exercise Real Time Risk Management, and alter plans if necessary.”

Quick Story: (I know, you don’t think I can say anything quickly) A few years ago in early March, I was driving to North Carolina. I checked the weather forecast here and at my destination. All was clear and cold for both locations. What I did not know or think to check, was in between. There was a major winter storm that was going to cross my route as I went through the mountains of Virginia. Yes, we got caught in the snow. Re-evaluated and made the decision to get off the highway and get a motel, but just a mile before our exit, a semi-truck slid sideways totally blocking the road. We did get off the highway and spend the night, after 8 hours of sitting in our car on the highway as the snow piled up around us. Had we left just hour earlier, we would have been through the narrow band of snow before it got to too treacherous to continue.

So, Be safe. Enjoy the holidays. And start things off right by joining me at the Kittyhawk Post Holiday Party, at the Dayton Beer Company, 6:00PM on Thursday, December 7th.
– jeff

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