Open: Kittyhawk Post Officer Nominations

Kittyhawk Post Officer Nominations

Nominations for officers are now open for President, President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The current President  is Mr. Mike Howe; he will moving to 3rd Director. President Elect is Mr. Jeff Leonard, and he will be up for election as President. The Vice President position is vacant. The Treasurer is Mr. Pete Battaglia and he is up for re-election as Treasurer. The Secretary is Mr. Joe Pado and he is up for re-election as Secretary, although he would like to step aside to let someone else run. He has offered to assist.  You may nominate yourself, or have someone nominate you for any of the offices, however, President Elect and Vice President currently do not have any nominations. The tradition has been to try to alternate the positions between private sector and public sector, therefore the preference is private sector for President Elect and public sector for Vice President.  Voting will occur in April. Installation of officers is scheduled to occur at the May monthly luncheon meeting. Being an officer at the Kitty Hawk Post is a highly rewarding experience. Please contact any of the Board of Directors by March 30, 2017 to place your nomination for offices. They can be contacted as follows:

Ken Stegall – 1st Director – – 937-728-0639
Ted Hecht – 2nd Director – – 937-531-1287
Nadja Turek – 3rd Director – – 937-224-0861


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