Attention Members: Renewal of WPAFB Private Org Permit

Renewal of WPAFB Private Organization Permit – Required Notification to Members
Because the Kittyhawk Post conducts meetings on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), the Post is required to annually renew its “permit” with the WPAFB Private Organization (PO) Office.  Part of the renewal process includes a notification to all members to ensure all are “aware, and understand they are jointly and severally liable for the obligations of the Private Organization”.  This means that members of the Kittyhawk Post are collectively responsible for payment of all debt and liability incurred while conducting business on the Installation.  This is a mandatory notification for all POs as described in Air Force Instruction 34-223, Para 9.2.  This message is simply this year’s notification to fulfil the annual notification requirement.  Rest assured that the Post is financially solvent and has no intent to incur any debt that it cannot pay.
V/R, Joseph E. Pado, SAME Kittyhawk Post, Secretary

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