Help prep for JETC ’17 here in Columbus!

Mark your calendars for May 22-26, 2017 for SAME’s Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) 2017 in Columbus, Ohio!  Kittyhawk is the host Post and you can get involved in planning now, and/or volunteer during the event. Registered volunteers will receive discounted or free registration depending on the number of hours you give. Stand by for links and guidance on how to sign up.  Sam Reed and Jeff Todd will be keeping the Post updated on the planning status and volunteer opportunities. They will encourage, harass and twist arms as necessary, but hope that you willingly volunteer. Please consider volunteering to lead or support the following efforts:

 Sponsorship and Marketing: With potential to bring the most income to our Post, help solicit local and new business sponsorships and exhibits

 Technical Tours: Looking for 2-3 technical tours within 30 minutes of the Columbus Convention Center. The POCs will plan and execute the tours with the support of SAME National.

 Society Ball Coordination: Work with SAME National on all aspects of the Ball, and arrange the invocation, toasts and band. National highly recommends a Young Member be part of this committee.

 Color Guard and Singer: POC will coordinate local color guard and National Anthem singer for Opening Session and be on-site to ensure this critical activity happens smoothly.

 On-site Support: Phoenix had over 100 volunteers in this category performing everything from stuffing registration bags, to helping exhibitors set up, to scanning badges during education sessions. Every event on the schedule will require some level of volunteer participation.

Please contact Sam ( or Jeff ( if you have any questions or to volunteer.

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