Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Make TechFest a Success!

Click here for the full TechFest(TM) 2016 Summary Report


2016 TechFest Update.


The following statistics show how successful the Affiliate Societies Council (ASC) sponsored TechFest 2016 was . It was another great success largely because of people like the SAME members that volunteered o support the event.  Thank you.


Here is a link to a summary report but these are the highlights:

*             There were 2423 students who registered. For this two-day event.  If we had counted the adults, we estimate a 4000+ total attendance.

*             Sinclair opened up their $5 million National Unmanned Aerial Systems Training and Certification Center.  It was highly attended.

*             There were 75 exhibits put on by 26 professional societies, 18 university and college groups, 11 middle or high school groups, 7 corporations, 7 government organizations, and 6 museums.

*             There were 704 volunteers who gave 3,280 hours before and during the event.

*             There were 36 “info-tainment” presentations given by 14 presenters.


ASC is already looking forward to TechFest 2017 scheduled for Feb 18-19.


TechFest Volunteers,

Thanks so much for your help over the weekend with TechFest. The youth
registration was 2,423 for the 2 days. It was another successful year at the
ASCE/SAME booth.

I’m always open to hearing stories and/or suggests to improve next year.

Thanks again for your time and help

Amy Moore, P.E.
Bridge/Structural Engineer


SAME co-sponsored a popular exhibit at TechFest with sister society, ASCE
the weekend of February 13-14. Kittyhawk Post volunteers provided gumdrops
and toothpicks for thousands of children and parents to build with, learning
a bit about civil engineering in the process. The Kittyhawk Post is a member
of the Affiliate Societies Council (ASC) of Dayton, which is the organizer
of TechFest, an educational outreach event for youth of the Miami Valley
area offering interactive STEM exhibits and “info-tainment” talks at
Sinclair College. The 70+ STEM exhibits are voluntarily manned/staffed by
ASC members, like SAME and other sponsoring organizations, with a common
interests in cultivating engineering career paths for youth. Numbers are not
available for 2016 but there were 2,148 registered student attendees in
2015, plus parents and adults, for an estimated 4000 total attendees. Thanks
for our SAME volunteers for supporting this successful STEM event!

Here are some photos!

Photo Feb 13, 12 16 22 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 06 29 PM Photo Feb 13, 1 04 54 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 01 10 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 01 25 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 01 51 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 02 20 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 03 01 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 03 06 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 03 10 PM Photo Feb 13, 12 06 18 PM

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